How to Save Money on Covet Fashion


Covet Fashion is an entertaining video game for fashionistas and creative types who thrive on fashion and creativity, offering players an opportunity to build virtual closets of clothes from real brands such as Calvin Klein and Rachel Zoe, create outfits for various events, compete in style challenges against other players, and pass time while having fun! But Covet Fashion can become expensive quickly. However, there are ways you can save money while playing this engaging app!

Earn in-game currency by participating in challenges. Each event has different requirements, but most often you’ll be asked to incorporate specific pieces of clothing into your look; you may already own these or purchase them through Covet cash and diamonds; long-time players may already possess many of them if they purchased them with Free Player Points during previous seasons.

Though you can only store one garment at any given time in your wardrobe, borrowing garments from Fashion House members and Facebook Friends (if connected via Covet account) may help speed up leveling faster and increase scores in challenges more easily – though only once item can be borrowed for each challenge!

Reselling platforms assist brands with selling excess inventory to reduce what ends up in landfills – an essential business model at a time when one truck of textiles are landfilled or burned every second.

Covet’s success has prompted it to extend beyond games. Through its Threading Change Initiative, they intend to support fashion industry entrepreneurs who specialize in black, indigenous, and people of color fashion industries. “In today’s climate,” according to Ethington, they want to do their part in encouraging diversity and inclusivity. Applicants will be reviewed by Akiliah Cadet of Change Cadet Consulting which specialises in diversity equity inclusion issues before four finalists will be recommended back to Covet for community voting purposes.

Considerations must be given when purchasing items for your Covet fashion wardrobe, including your budget and preferences for type of items. Aiming for an ideal combination of high-end and less costly items is ideal; additionally, purchasing pieces which can be worn across occasions would also be wise.

Before making an expensive clothing purchase for your Covet fashion wardrobe, make sure it fits properly before finalizing the transaction. Doing this can prevent disappointment if an item doesn’t fit as expected or is less flattering on your avatar than expected. Additionally, read carefully through their return policy; depending on who sells it may involve sending it back as quickly or complex processes such as refund or exchange options depending on who sold it to you. For any further queries on returns and exchanges contact the company directly who are always happy to provide answers and help make wiser decisions.

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